Time to Put the PUMA Out For the Night

sm77 at PUMA blog the Confluence sums up their irrelevance in a goodbye post (emphasis mine):

To think we waited 8 years PRAYING for a Democratic President.  Well now we have one and I still feel the same.   But as a true, firebrand, loud and hellacious liberal who endured the Dubya years, my job is to dislike the president and critique anything and everything the president does.   So it’s not like things have changed much.  Instead of a “W” now we have an “O.”   Instead of obsessively myopic Evangelicals, we have obsessively myopic Obamacrats.  Meet the new boss, same as the old.

PUMA power couldn’t resist going out with one last bang of ironic detachment from reality.  McCain, affectionally dubbed McSame, was cast out in enthusiastic favor of Obama.  The sense I got, reflecting on the vitriol sent our way by McCain/Palin supporters with those who supported Obama, Edwards, and Clinton during the primary season, was that we all had won.  The 18 million strong turned out to be a couple hundred vocal pundits and bloggers after all.

Meanwhile the candidates who stood for the same principals and policies as Hillary Clinton carried the day, defeating the heir to Bush’s self styled throne and the Cheney loving anti-feminist he picked as a “fuck you nod” to disaffected Clinton supporters.

Now is the time to recognize what Obama stands for, and to take up the banner he shares with Clinton and help bring progress to this great nation of ours.  Now is the time to leave PUMA behind, and follow Hillary Clinton’s lead and support our new President.


Riverdaughter: Desperation and Comment Fraud

How desperate do you have to be when you edit your user’s comments to fraudulently make it appear they support your position?  Riverdaughter has sunk to a depressing low.

My edited comment:

Dan (Fitness), on August 29th, 2008 at 12:52 am Said:

Are you happy? I am.

(Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

My original comment asked how she could support writing Hillary Clinton in, when the NY Senator is not running, and in fact endorsed Barack Obama to continue fighting for their shared political positions.  I asked how PUMA could support John McCain, when he is pro-war, anti-choice, and stands against expanding health care (once Hillary Clinton’s signature issue).

The little disclaimer slipped in there leaves much to the imagination.  Is this Dan (Fitness) guy a Hillary supporter?  Did he leave spam or abusive comments?  No.  I just left a comment that ripped apart the flimsy rationale behind PUMA’s existence, and she couldn’t take the criticism.

Here is my latest comment:

Dan (Fitness), on August 29th, 2008 at 1:15 am Said:

I can’t believe you’d stoop to editing my text to make it appear I support you.
I’m surprised and disappointed.

I wonder if she’ll respond to it, alter it to put words in my mouth, or just wipe it entirely.

UPDATE: It appears she’s content to leave the new comment and censor the traceback from this post.

Obama Official, PUMA Implodes

Riverdaughter sums up the dysfunctional logic of the thwarted PUMA crowd perfectly (emphasis mine):

There will be no love train.  I’m not onboard.  I will never be onboard.

You didn’t listen to us during the primaries.

You didn’t listen to us during the convention.

You are going to hear from us in November.

Barack Obama will NEVER get my vote.  I don’t owe the party anything.

And if you want to find someone to blame, look no further than the superdelegates.

Backlash is comin’.  We will make the powers that be the powers that were.

Let the DNC and your State Attorney General know how you feel about having your vote stolen by faithless delegates and a party who asks for your taxdollars to run a primary and then does what the hell it wants.

No riverdaughter, you don’t owe the party anything.  You owe it to yourself to vote for the candidate who stands for what Hillary Clinton still stands for.  You are using Hillary Clinton’s name, yes, but you are going against her own wishes, her own politics, and everything she fought so hard for.  You are screaming about the glass ceiling while standing with John McCain as he tries vainly to keep Barack Obama from breaking through.

I won’t let another Republican get into the oval office and damage this country like Bush has.  PUMA can add “my ass” every time I say party unity, but as November gets closer, the call for unity will drown their snide and selfish whine out with the roar of progress.

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Open Letter to a PUMA

Dear Ron:

In your letter, you said:

I’ve supported the Democrats for 40 years because the Dem party was also the democratic party. This year, those two things have diverged.

No, they haven’t.  One candidate won the primary with the most votes and the most delegates.  PUMA is standing against democracy in democracy’s name.  Why should the majority of voters be disenfranchised so your candidate (who now supports Obama) can be installed?

I hope I’ll be able to support the Dem party in the future but with different leadership that respects our commitment to democracy. Leftists have taken control of the party, casting our liberal ideals aside, and they need to go.

We aren’t going anywhere.  It is the centrists, the spineless cowards who caved to Bush on every affront to life, liberty and justice, who need to go.  The word leftist should never be a dirty one to a Democrat.

The only way we can get our party back is to make sure they lose in November.

Right, because that worked so well in 2000.  That’s the same reasoning that led people to choose Nader over Gore in states that mattered.  (For the record, that election was lost in the courts, and not by the slim margin of votes that went to Nader).  The point is that viewing defeat as anything is unrealistic.  If the Democrats lose to McCain, it will be a loss, and we will feel it: in the courts and in our foreign and domestic policy.

Loyal Democrats like us who don’t support Obama have been told by Donna Brazile to shut up and stay home on election day. No, we won’t. She also said that the “new” party doesn’t need us, it’s long loyal base. If the “new” Democrats succeed under these circumstances, we won’t even have a party to go to in the future. We’ve been put out and have no place to go right now except to McCain.

I don’t want you to stay home on election day.  I want you to vote.  But keep clearly in mind that if you actually vote for McCain, there is no way in hell you are a loyal Democrat.  Not because you are voting against the party’s candidate in the race.  Because by supporting John McCain you’d be supporting the disaterous foreign and domestic policy of George W. Bush, and joining in an assault on everything Hillary Clinton stood for.

You say you are a loyal Democrat.  Do you support freedom of choice?  An end to discrimination based on sexual orientation?  Peace in the Middle East?  Universal Healthcare?  Economic policy informed by economists, not lobbyists?  Preserving the environment?  Stopping torture and domestic spying by our own government?  Freedom of speech?  Separation of Church and State?  The Rule of Law?  Tackling excessive lobbyist influence and political corruption?

If you actually support John McCain over Barack Obama, recognize you’ll be taking a big step back on all of these issues.  In some cases, even further back than George W. Bush himself has dragged us.

Barack Obama is not the best candidate in the world, but he is a solid candidate.  And he will move us forward on each and every one of the issues above.

Clinton Releases Delegates, Will PUMA Listen?

Hillary Clinton is releasing her pledged delegates, and asking them to vote for Obama.

As the convention approaches, PUMA‘s distance from Hillary Clinton will become even sharper.  That will leave the PUMA crowd with a choice between a candidate with experience fighting everything Hillary Clinton stood for, or a candidate with less experience (but hardly none) fighting for the same ideals, positions, and people Hillary Clinton represented.  Who will they choose?

PUMA + Lies: Second Nature?

Bruce pointed me to this in the comments, and hot damn is this awful.  Essentially, PUMA (via the Confluence) setup what was supposed to be a giant conference of 250 people.  They got 60.  As Bruce acidly and accurately observes:

The overwhelming and unstoppable PUMA coalition that Bowers and other selected-not-elected leaders have repeatedly claimed numbers in the 2-2.5 million members range could only get together sixty people for the “conference”


The conference was a furtive mess than culminated in a fresh bout of lies to feed to the press.  Which seems to be nothing new for a group that considers Hillary Clinton the rebel to Barack Obama’s establishment.

I think the best observation about PUMA supports comes from brian in the comments(emphasis mine):

hillary supporters are funny, especially if they like hillary enough to vote for mccain over obama. You still gotta live here after mccain wins, you fools.

I hope the 60 2.5 million PUMA supporters take that to heart.  What kind of country are they working for?

PUMA Reaches Ron Paul Popularity

According to riverdaughter, the effort to override the voters (Obama won both delegates and the popular vote) and install Hillary Clinton as Presidential candidate is now a movement (emphasis mine):

There are MILLIONS of us.  This is no exaggeration.

The first day that Darragh Murphy opened her doors on PUMAPac, she got 35,000 hits.  That’s ONLINE hits.  There are many, many more people who aren’t internet addicts who we are contacting every day. This movement was sparked by the RBC meeting and took off like wildfire. It was always our intention to use the internet and the media to get our word out.

You just can’t pack more humor into your unintentional statements folks.  PUMAPac is getting ONLINE hits.  In the thousands!  Entitlement Action Clinton fans can rejoice, she now is seeing a wave of online popularity that vaguely approaches Ron Paul before the word got out.  She’s practically the next big thing.

There will be a roll call vote (great, now Hillary will get to see who her percieved enemies are) at the convention.  Hillary Clinton is not going to win, despite her efforts.  If she unseated the elected nominee, there would be enough chaos to give someone as utterly unqualified as possible to become President the boost he needs.  No, what will happen is a close vote in which Obama is declared the nominee.  Meanwhile Hillary’s crass effort to count votes in states where her opponents didn’t campaign or weren’t on the ballot and PUMA’s complaints about the losing the Democratic process will fall flat.  The only thing they will garner is plenty of “serious, hard hitting” articles examining whether or not the Democratic party is falling apart.

It isn’t.  There is simply a tug of war still going on between the two establishment candidates, the one who won, and the one who lost.  And in the fall Obama will win on a hard-won landslide procurred by supporters desperate to avoid the further suffering, violence, and economic downturn that would intensify under a McCain Presidency.