Hillary Clinton: Not a Feminist?

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Newsweek’s Howard Fineman just said on MSNBC at 8:35pm Eastern that the Clinton campaign is demanding that Hillary be offered the VP position, which she will then decline, and then Fineman quotes the Clinton campaign as saying “don’t you dare offer it to another woman.” Isn’t that special. Apparently, Hillary was only planning on breaking her own personal glass ceiling. For the rest of you, you can break you own.

I hope the above is not true.  Selfishness that goes that far is a serious character flaw.

Clintons’ campaign of entitlement led to her massive cash problem (ego loans which she wants her supporters/fan base to pay back in her stead) and now she’s making VP noises.  I expect Obama to delicately consider her, but to pay no heed to her, threats, or other political noise when it comes to making a decision.


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  1. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Hillary Clinton isn’t a feminist, but I do think you’re right to say that that sort of selfishness is very, very harmful.

    (And if that quote is accurate, who gave Hillary Clinton the right to determine Barack Obama’s VP pick?)

  2. Hey Jamelle,

    If she is seriously getting in the way of a female VP candidate for personal reasons, I’d say that’s a pretty sharp dig against one of the mainstay arguments in her favor. Namely that she could be the first female President. She talked that up so much to play to the feminist audience. For her to then turn around and cut down the possibility when its no longer her is hypocritical at best.

    If it is accurate, I think its more along the line of pressure (and the implied threat her supporters will break with the party and vote for McCain).

  3. I hope Obama doesn’t consider her for VP, I think she will be too destructive to the party in that role. I suspect she’ll spend the whole time backstabbing Obama.

    That press statement makes Clinton look very selfish, but she’s been displaying that trait for a while.

    It has been fairly obvious for some time that Clinton was not going to win the nomination, but she fought tooth-and-nail to the bitter end, rather than admitting defeat graciously and supporting Obama. This attitude has cost time, money and resources that could have been better spent in the party (with Obama as nominee) pushing for the presidency.

    and now this statement is credited to her:
    “I now extend my complete support to John McCain, hero and patriot!” (from Aye!

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