Obama Official, PUMA Implodes

Riverdaughter sums up the dysfunctional logic of the thwarted PUMA crowd perfectly (emphasis mine):

There will be no love train.  I’m not onboard.  I will never be onboard.

You didn’t listen to us during the primaries.

You didn’t listen to us during the convention.

You are going to hear from us in November.

Barack Obama will NEVER get my vote.  I don’t owe the party anything.

And if you want to find someone to blame, look no further than the superdelegates.

Backlash is comin’.  We will make the powers that be the powers that were.

Let the DNC and your State Attorney General know how you feel about having your vote stolen by faithless delegates and a party who asks for your taxdollars to run a primary and then does what the hell it wants.

No riverdaughter, you don’t owe the party anything.  You owe it to yourself to vote for the candidate who stands for what Hillary Clinton still stands for.  You are using Hillary Clinton’s name, yes, but you are going against her own wishes, her own politics, and everything she fought so hard for.  You are screaming about the glass ceiling while standing with John McCain as he tries vainly to keep Barack Obama from breaking through.

I won’t let another Republican get into the oval office and damage this country like Bush has.  PUMA can add “my ass” every time I say party unity, but as November gets closer, the call for unity will drown their snide and selfish whine out with the roar of progress.

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  1. “My candidate didn’t win, I don’t want to play no mo. I’m taking my ball with me and going home!”

    “Umm, ok, but we are playing Guitar Hero on the PS3.”

  2. I’m convinced that riverdaughter is about as much a progressive, and about as much a Dem, as Karl Rove.

    The good news is that after the last two nights demonstrated that the Democratic Party is unified, the few PUMAs around won’t be a compelling story–even to the media desperate for “Dem Divide OH NOES!1!!!one!” storylines.

  3. I love that they had Hillary cast the deciding vote. In Marxism, a new order fully supplans an older one when the internal contradictions of the older order become too great for it to survive. That’s now PUMA in a nutshell.

  4. ralfast,
    Nice dig at the generational gap 🙂

    Evil Bender,
    Something’s off. Her about page (and the name of the blog) is all about bringing people together. Ironic to say the least. I think unfortunately PUMA’s will continue to be a “compelling” story, since they boost McCain, and the media wants to seem balanced. Fox will never let go of them.

    Josh R.
    Heh. We are still going through that phase though, but there is a huge element of old guard vs new guard at play underneath the PUMA vs Democrats struggle.

  5. Ex-politico ‘spouses and friends’ of Obama and his ‘family unity program’ – YEAH! The parents of the Annapolis generation were getting worried you were going to give ‘everything you wanted in life’ in exchange for party commitment of Peace Mon Worst Week-ObamaClub. The oldsters of McCaine are rooting for you, and wishing you private happiness and extensive personal, economic and lifetime equity private life that stem from the Declaration of Independence. Constitutional life is easy – doesn’t distort your family roots, change your relationships, re-equip your intelligence – -CONGRATULATIONS on starting your new Beginning lifestyles. Obama required – when you take your commitment back – he gives nothing. Everyone deserves a vacation and private happiness, without checking in for permits – take them. Obama has been regularly, on your support plan.
    You are the future, and we are thrilled. Healthy Psychology is your happiness – get your own thing with your social plan.

    -old, ex-campus fringe, living independent and republican. (nobody’s business)

  6. Wow, I didn’t know they sold gibberish by the pound!

  7. I hope that with the new VP selection PUMA doesn’t become:


    I know most women would not put up with that!

    I mean these ladies certainly will not:


    But then you have the Handmaidens like Malkin:


  8. @ralfast,
    Heh, yeah, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I thought it was spam. It reads like a Palin speech. Its almost grotesquely beautiful.

    McCain has come out and said Palin is an anti-feminist. PUMA supporters have nothing to hide behind, their status as Republicans is out for everyone to see.

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