Huckabee – Jesus in Every Home

If Huckabee does end up running again – in 2012 or 2016 – remember this guy is going to use his position of power to push Christianity into our legal system, into our policy, and onto our citizens.  He consistently “jokes” about forcing Christianity on citizens in the same way Bush used to joke about wanting to be a dictator.

3 Responses

  1. Forced at gunpoint. That sounds kinda like government intrusion to me. Aren’t republicans supposed to be opposed to that?

    • They love to mouth their loyalty to it – and when it comes to stockpiling weapons and avoiding taxes they stick by their hatred of the government. They love government when it comes to invasions though – like invasions of privacy or invasions of countries.

  2. Wow what a scary guy.

    And I worry about our “right wing” Prime Minister in Canada. HE would NEVER say stuff like this.

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