Hillary’s Supporters and Florida’s Primary Flop

Something is wrong.  These are our allies, and the level of mistrust and hatred is palpable.  But so is the level of denial (The Confluence):

Doesn’t look too good for him though. I love the stories from fellow conflucians about how they are responding to requests for donations from the DNC. I think Paul’s (plukasiak) was my favorite:

off topic, but…
Just got mail from the Obama campaign. So I wrote a check for $100, tore it in half, and am sending it along with this message…

Dear Senator Obama
On behalf of my friends in Florida, please find half a check for $100. Since your campaign saiid their votes should only count as half votes, I figure you’ll know what to do with half a check.
But, in case you need a hint – the RBC corruptly ensured your nomination while violating the DNC charter “sunshine” povisiions for meetings. In that spirit, you can take my half-check, and put it ‘where the sun don’t shine’.

Hillary Clinton ran in Florida against zero opponents.  If the Florida vote were to be in any way representative, it would have had to be a revote.  But at the same time, it is important Obama supporters recognize why the Florida situation is bullshit.  Its bullshit because the primary system we have let’s some states have an inordinate say in the process.  Florida tried to skip ahead in line, and got stuck arguing about whether or not it was caught doing anything wrong with the DNC.  Instead of acting like a sneaky kid in class, Floridians ought to join the rest of the country and demand that we do away with delegates, single-state primaries and conventions.  How about one national primary, popular vote only?  Hell, why not have that for the general?

This is the kind of thing we need to talk about, that we need to focus on.  Otherwise we can turn this quarrel about Florida into a debate over what caused us to lose to McCain.


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  1. Agreed, they seem to be acting like babies. They remind me of those soccer moms and dads that fight and get angry because they didn’t win. I just want to say get over it, it seems like everyone has moved on to the general election except these people.

  2. Hillary Clinton ran in Florida against zero opponents.

    while I agree that Barack Obama himself is a “zero opponent”, I don’t think its fair to describe people like Edwards and the rest of the candidates whose names also appeared on the Florida ballot.

    And believe it or not, they have television and radio throughout Florida. Voters there were well aware of who was running, and what they stood for. The only thing that Floridians missed out on was the advertising barrage that accompanies political campaigns.

    Personally, I think that political ads make voters less informed — they are all about image, and not substance. Florida’s Democratic voters made their decisions based on substance, and not hype, and based on substance they voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

    Obama was a ‘sero’ candidate because his campaign was all about the sizzle, and not about the steak. Without the chance to substitute hype for substance, the “zero candidate” is at a disadvantage — but I see that as a feature, not as a problem.

  3. Latest Quin. poll has Obama up in Florida by four.

    that lead can obviously shrink or disappear as the campaign progresses. (In fact, if it continues into August, you can expect Gov. Crist to get the nod as VP.) But better to be fighting from ahead, then behind.

    There are likely some dead-enders out there that will continue with their Hillary support, like there are dead-enders who will support Bush to the death. We should expect this out of democracy. If democracy is at least somewhat working, then people will think they will have a stake ini what occurs and they will become passionate (particularly that subset of the population, the partisans of both ends, who actually pay attention most if not all of the time). Perhaps it would be better if that were directed at parties rather than candidates or at ideas rather than either, but the idea of the independent citizen, detached and without passion debating ideals and policies, is a mirage. Anyway, while there are certainly dead enders, everything we know about partisan reinforcement suggest that they will be a tiny minority of voters; if you’re a Republican, you’re likely voting McCain, if you’re a Dem, you’re likely voting Obama (if you vote, that is).

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