Virginia: Warner Wins!


Democratic former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner breezed to victory in his bid for the Senate on Tuesday, snagging a southern seat long held by Republicans and fueling expectations that Democrats would solidify their now-thin leadership grip over the chamber.

This bodes well for Obama, and suggests Virginia is has turned blue.


Virginia November 4th

Today Virginia Feels Blue:

As I write this I can hear beeps from cars passing Obama volunteers with signs.  The response has been enormously positive, with only a stray middle finger or scowl from an old McCain/Palin supporter to suggest they even exist.  When I went to vote, I saw about 8 Obama volunteers next to one McCain/Palin volunteer.  Since I went at lunch, there was no line (although we did have a bit of confusion about where in the library to vote, at one point I joked perhaps either the nonfiction or the large print aisles were the spot to be).

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Go Obama!  Don’t forget to vote, especially my fellow Virginian readers.  2008 is the year we turn this state blue!

Important Voting Tips from Emily

GoVote: Find out where to vote and what to bring.

How to Protect Your Vote:

Fight Racism in Dulles VA

Are any readers near Dulles Virginia?  Want to take a stand against racism and white supremacy?  This weekend cowards and haters are holding their meeting in Dulles, near the airport (via Pam):

I guess the Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport Hotel is hard up for bucks if it’s decided that hosting a conference for white supremacists is a good business move.

The three-star Herndon, Virginia hotel will welcome the benign-sounding American Renaissance Conference (no, I’m not linking)  Feb. 22-Feb. 24. Subtitled “In the Name of Our People,” attendees can gather for an extraordinary weekend on “racial-realist thought” (I guess the whole supremacy thing has fallen out of favor). Read about it and see some of the speakers after the jump.

Resistance and Solidarity plans to fight back:

Resistance and Solidarity, a DC-based collective, plans to show up at the conference.
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Obama Taking Early Lead in Northern Virginia

With polls yet to close, Obama is commanding double digit leads at polls in Northern Virginia.

We’re also seeing Democratic turnout beating Republican turnout by a factor of 7 to 1 at some polling locations.

Hillary’s Paid Volunteers

This came in from Northern Virginia for Obama (emphasis mine):

Dear Obama Supporters,

I want to thank everyone who volunteered or participated in Obama campaign events this past year….especially the ones I hosted!

Regardless of the results tonight you have helped us win a David vs. Goliath battle in Arlington and the entire region, as faced with the local presence of the National Headquarters of our opponent, we showed that grassroots volunteers can overcome all odds to outsmart, outplay and outlast any challenge (for Survivor fans).

This was evident last night, when at the Ballston metro we faced an uphill battle of 6 Obama volunteers against a larger crowd of Hillary volunteers.

But this was still a great victory because one of our clever “Hope Mongers” was able to find out that her workers were imported from Bronx, NY at a cost of $7.00 an hour (minus travel and lodging costs I’m sure).

That’s right, 2-3 blocks from her headquarters she needed PAID workers.

So, a big victory tonight will mean a PR win, a delegate win and also a MONEY win for Barack Obama.

Reminds me of the Cellucci gubernatiorial campaign in Massachusetts.  They decided to hold a rally in my hometown, and couldn’t find enough supporters, so they brought in two busloads.  Coming home from work each day, its been Obama supporters I’ve seen out and about with literature and a ready smile.

Virginia: Election Eve

Tomorrow my fellow Virginians head to the polls. Obama is the deserved favorite, and Arlingtonians for Obama will be celebrating just blocks from Hillary Clinton’s national headquarters. A win for Obama tomorrow will provide a huge rush of positive momentum for the campaign.

In the meantime, Obama is creating what has been called a rock-star like effect in his travels:

That kind of turnout happens when you both embody and speak truth and hope. (US of Jamerica):

From the Nation’s endorsement of Senator Obama:

While his rhetoric about “unity” can be troubling, it also embodies a savvy strategy to redefine the center of American politics and build a coalition by reaching out to independent and Republican voters disgruntled and disgusted with what the Bush era has wrought. Most important, we feel his candidacy, in its demonstrated investment in organizing and grassroots activism as well as his personal appeal, represents the best chance to forge a new progressive majority.

I’m sure Senator Clinton can win a general election, but there’s a much greater chance of the election being very close, which would leave Senator Clinton with very little room to negotiate. Obama offers us the possibility of landing a knock out blow.
I think we should take it.

And he offers hope. Not only of a new progressive majority, nor a decisive victory in November. He’s raising an army of politically active and vocal Americans everywhere he goes. Like much of America, I’m incredibly excited for tomorrow.