Interrogation Buddies: Cheney, Bush and … Obama?

Well this is a nasty surprise.  Cheney apparently likes parts of Obama’s record:

“Cheney has kind of backed away lately, largely because Obama has met Bush and praised him when it comes to things like Afghanistan, the use of drones and interrogation,” said Bruce Buchanan, a political scientist at the University of Texas.

Cheney and Bush’s record on interrogation was illegal, brutal, and pro-torture.  For Obama to be even remotely on the same page as these men is a truly saddening day for human rights.  It also offers a starker view of a president in danger of permanently alienating anyone in the Democratic party to the left of the Clintons.

Why is Tradition Ever a Defense?

This article exposing the cruel mass murders of dolphin by Japanese fisherman brings a question to mind:

The Japanese government defends the killings for meat as traditional.

Why do we give even a moment’s thought to “tradition” as a defense for such horrific acts?  Many cultures – our own definitely included – have truly evil acts in our traditions.  Ought we allow such evils to continue on the basis of so flimsy a defense as “this happened in our past”?

Republicans vs Democrats in a Nutshell – DC

DC is taxed – but does not have representation in Congress.  Its such an established problem their license plates read “taxation without representation”.

Democrats have in the past tried to fix this by working to get them representation, but have failed in their attempts.  Partially because of opposition from Republicans concerned that DC will tip the balance in favor of the Democrats.

So a Republican has proposed ending the taxation.  How perfectly conservative – drain the federal budget, avoid solving the root problem, further institutionalize the deprivation of voting rights for a group of people who trend Democrat, and snag some stellar PR at the same time.

Expect the Democrats to raise a few lion like mews and maybe put up a kabuki fight, then lose.  Or hell, they might actually fight it by pushing back against the specific proposal.  Imagine if they had the guts and strength to turn this into an issue of giving the residents of DC representation instead?