Trading Jesus for Caesar

Andrew Sullivan has a provocative thought: That the politicization of Christianity in the US is turning people away from the faith (hat tip Pam).

I think there is a lot of truth to this.  The union of conservative politics and conservative Christianity has created a brand. A very strong brand that is associated with denying women access to health care, and reproductive choices. A brand associated with the Duggars and the Quiverfull movement – aimed at trading away agency and free thought for obedience and servitude. Conservative Christianity is tied tightly to the battle against gay rights. A battle that is losing the cultural war with each passing year. A battle with young casualties for gay youth growing up in caustic religious environments. In Rick Santorum the religious right has a champion who is bold enough to publicly attack pornography and pre-marital sex. This union of church and state – this theocratic movement – has a very strong brand with a very simple message: A return to a time where women were second class citizens, homosexuality was hidden or “treated”, and religion enjoyed unelected power.

That brand is costing believers. It is a trade, as the dominionist army gives up their goal of “saving souls” for Jesus in return for taking from Caesar what is Caesar’s.

So to the religious right I ask: Is it worth it?


Act Blue Turned Conservadem

I was reading a post on Crooks and Liars about Maddow blasting Conservative Democrats when a familiar name popped up (source TPM):

“Conservadems like Jon Tester and Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman are siding with the Republican senators, who are siding with no voters — not even their own!” Maddow exclaimed, noting a recent CNN poll that found that 63 percent of Republicans favored saving the jobs of teachers and first responders.

That name rang a bell… Oh right here he is, and again here with other “netroots” candidates.  What should we do with outsider candidates we vigorously supported and helped win office, when they turn directly against us once in office?

Help vigorously support their primary opponents.

Heroes Wont Stop Working

“people don’t stop trying to kill themselves just because the government shuts down” – Good people are going to keep working tonight – for free.

Why?  Well they will keep working because lives will be on the line – and that’s all they need to know.  They won’t be getting paid though.  All because the Republicans in Congress are trying to take out Planned Parenthood.  They don’t give a damn what it costs or who it hurts to get to that goal.

Grassroots Conservatives

Awwww, grassroots Republican ingenuity in action  (Hourly rate to be determined by experience or zealotry?)

The Real Tea Party

I think I’ve got the Tea Party down to a nutshell: Advocates for Corporate Theocracy mislead by Fox and funded by Koch and Friends.

Hmmmm, should I add in the rabid nationalism, closet racism, homophobia and paranoia… Or is that implicit?

Liberal Conspiracy On Libya Exposed!

Moonbat Liberals are engaged in a conspiracy to pretend Libya is in Africa, all to embarrass Republican Patriot Tom Marino.

The GOP is looking to remove all references to the incident, as per their new PR policy.

Republicans: Democrats Shouldn’t Be Able to Fund Campaigns

The Republican attack on unions is best viewed in concert with the Citizens United decision, which has grossly impacted elections in the favor of the right wing and the corporate status quo that rules both parties.  For them its not about balancing budgets, its about taking a crack at the financial ability of Democrats to mount competitive campaigns.  With a tilted playing field, a corporate media that either leans right or is an outright propaganda organ for conservatives – where is this country headed politically?