Everybody Loves Free Speech Zones!

Gary Chapell Hill over at pro-Hillary-at-any-cost blog The Confluence has an important piece up on free speech zones at the Unity event in NH:

As soon as we got there they informed us that we would have to move to “free speech zones”.  I will let the video speak for itself, but first I would like to post some commentary from the “progressive blogosphere” regarding these zones.  I will assume that they are just a bunch of hypocrites until they speak out against the suppression of free speech by the Obama campaign.

We should absolutely speak out strongly against this tactic.  And its not the first time the Obama campaign has resorted to it.  Although I find it darkly humorous (if predictable) that Hillary’s supporters have cast a blind eye to their failed candidate’s own use of free speech zones during this election.  In fact, the Democratic Party as a whole seems to have embraced the practice back in 2004!  Nice.

The Republican Party is a more natural fit, and they do not dissapoint.

Free Speech Zones have become a part and parcel of campaigns exerting nervous control over the percpetion of their events.  Obama supporters don’t want a handful of Hillary-or-bust nuts conveying a mainstream glow onto a fringe movement.

The thing is aside from being completely against the vest principles America has to offer, it is a poor strategy.  The media will break its back searching for anti-candidate protesters when it fits the sellable narrative.  Censorship accomplishes two things.  It ensures photos of the crowd lack bitter pro-Hillary slogans, and it allows anti-Obama protesters the chance to pose as free speech matyrs.

Its a stupid practice and it should stop.  The Obama campaign and we his supporters should take notice, even when its pointed out by utter hypocrites.


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  1. I watched those videos and a piece of me was happy. I do agree with the idea that we should have free speech everywhere and American politics have embraced the free speech zones. We have free speech areas at my university and what it does, is just keep things stable and concentrated just in case it gets out of control. I think those protesters should have been able to protest and be unleashed into the crowd of Obama supporters. Quick story

    some guy came on campus to our free speech zone and talked about how we are all siners and gay people will go to you know where. A massive crowd of students just stood around him laughing at him and calling him names.

    Now imagine how that would have been if those hillary supporters where doing that in the middle of an Obama event, it would have been funny and crazy. I believe in public humiliation and thats why those supporters should have been able to protest where ever they wanted to.

  2. So you think free speech zones are entirely bad? Or do you think they ought to be used sparingly to provide “stability and control”?

    I like the idea of humiliation in this context because it invites energetic discourse, but I think anyone who steels him/her self to go into the opposition with an antagonistic message is prepared to stand up to social pressure.

  3. Free speech zones? The very idea is oxymoronic in the extreme (even if that words doesn’t mean what I think it means! 🙂

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