PUMA + Lies: Second Nature?

Bruce pointed me to this in the comments, and hot damn is this awful.  Essentially, PUMA (via the Confluence) setup what was supposed to be a giant conference of 250 people.  They got 60.  As Bruce acidly and accurately observes:

The overwhelming and unstoppable PUMA coalition that Bowers and other selected-not-elected leaders have repeatedly claimed numbers in the 2-2.5 million members range could only get together sixty people for the “conference”


The conference was a furtive mess than culminated in a fresh bout of lies to feed to the press.  Which seems to be nothing new for a group that considers Hillary Clinton the rebel to Barack Obama’s establishment.

I think the best observation about PUMA supports comes from brian in the comments(emphasis mine):

hillary supporters are funny, especially if they like hillary enough to vote for mccain over obama. You still gotta live here after mccain wins, you fools.

I hope the 60 2.5 million PUMA supporters take that to heart.  What kind of country are they working for?

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