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My goal is to always allow comments, regardless of content.  However I have limits:

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Spam comments in the past, if applicable to the post, have had the spam links removed and the comments allowed.  Now, all spam comments will simply be blocked.


Allowed in the past, since I thought it is useful to remind ourselves how much hate is still out there, and because each ignorant and hurtful comment only serves to undermine the mainstream appeal of the radical conservatism behind such comments. Currently considering banning altogether.

Lame Anonymous One-Liners:

Deleted. I’m not going to bother responding to a single line “OMG U SUCK” comment from some brave anonymous hero. If you want to disagree, that’s great! But please say something worth responding to.

Threats/Violent Comments/Stalking:

Threats will either result in banning and/or reporting the offender’s ip address and identifying information to the appropriate authorities.

All of this is subject to healthy, intelligent debate.


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