Riverdaughter: Desperation and Comment Fraud

How desperate do you have to be when you edit your user’s comments to fraudulently make it appear they support your position?  Riverdaughter has sunk to a depressing low.

My edited comment:

Dan (Fitness), on August 29th, 2008 at 12:52 am Said:

Are you happy? I am.

(Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

My original comment asked how she could support writing Hillary Clinton in, when the NY Senator is not running, and in fact endorsed Barack Obama to continue fighting for their shared political positions.  I asked how PUMA could support John McCain, when he is pro-war, anti-choice, and stands against expanding health care (once Hillary Clinton’s signature issue).

The little disclaimer slipped in there leaves much to the imagination.  Is this Dan (Fitness) guy a Hillary supporter?  Did he leave spam or abusive comments?  No.  I just left a comment that ripped apart the flimsy rationale behind PUMA’s existence, and she couldn’t take the criticism.

Here is my latest comment:

Dan (Fitness), on August 29th, 2008 at 1:15 am Said:

I can’t believe you’d stoop to editing my text to make it appear I support you.
I’m surprised and disappointed.

I wonder if she’ll respond to it, alter it to put words in my mouth, or just wipe it entirely.

UPDATE: It appears she’s content to leave the new comment and censor the traceback from this post.


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  1. She’s been doing the same to me. It’s really quite juvenile. If you’re as goddamn tired of PUMAs as I am – you’ll like my blog and yestodemocracy.com. Glad to hear I’m not the only one frustrated with them.

  2. Seriously, dont even beg these jackasses for their votes. they are pathetic. they are worse than evangelicals.

  3. That is simply unconscionable. In seven months of blogging on fairly controversial issues (seeing as I’m a Christian and also support Gay Marriage, which makes half of my readership rather confused) I’ve only ever edited the content of one comment. One. Because on a post explaining why I was pro-choice someone simply left a comment saying “this is why I’m not” linking to a picture of an aborted fetus. So I redacted the link and explained that if he wanted to actually intellectually defend his argument beyond mere shock value I’d like to hear what he had to say so I could debate him fairly.

    He never commented again.

    I just think that the point of blogging is that you open people up to debate, engage their minds, and see if you can rationally win them to your side of the argument. Completely changing the text of a comment… that’s totalitarian. What in the world would these people do to our constitution if one of them ever got any power?

  4. Perhaps it’s time to start treating childish behavior as childish behavior. Ignore ’em and let ’em throw their tantrum in the corner. Alone.

  5. Ames, that is a most excellent blog indeed!

    brian, true, but I wonder if they are actually speaking to anyone real or not? I’ve only ever seen PUMA members (usually founding members) quoted as examples of Hillary Supporters going for McCain….

    Some people will swing by, get pissed, leave a comment and never return. They just want to let off steam. I’m sure that commenter never even knew.

    I agree completely. I only ever censor spam comments (and even then, if the spam comment contains anything pertinent, try to just remove the link to the spam site).

    The media is paying attention to them, and I don’t see that stopping over the next few months unfortunately.

  6. I’ve deleted comments, but never altered them. It’s my blog, and I see it as my right. I deal with anti-establishment issues a lot, and I get a fair number of comments from religious folk I just don’t feel like dealing with.

    I hadn’t heard of PUMA until a couple of days ago. You might like the recent post I made about them. Especially after McCain’s VP pick (wow), I can’t see how anyone who actually supported Sen. Clinton could think of voting for the Republican ticket.

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