Conservative Supreme Court’s Poor Reasoning

In deciding whether a contractor for a low-to-no-risk government job ought to have any expectation of privacy in background check forms, this little nugget of joy escaped the “brilliant” mind of our chief Justice Roberts:

Stormer said people in low-risk jobs should not be scrutinized as other employees in sensitive positions may be. Yet Justices Samuel Alito and Roberts said it would be impractical for the government to have an array of forms.

“You know,” Roberts said, “it’s a big government, and they can’t tailor every inquiry, every form, to the individual applicant.”

Really?  The government can’t have one set of background checks for high risk situations, and another for low risk?

Brilliant.  At least a conservative gets to take a swing at “big government” while unironically hinting he will vote in favor of that government’s right to invade our privacy.  Truly makes the head spin.

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