Democrats Aren’t Democrats

Hahahha, time for a dose of reality dear readers!

From the daily WTF pile over at Digby’s residence:

Quick question for those who believe that criticism of the the president and the Dem leadership is what’s depressing the Democratic base: is this criticism a problem?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is giving Democratic candidates a free pass to run against her and other party leaders.

A number of moderate Democrats are running against her, portraying themselves in ads as a check on the liberal House speaker from San Francisco.

Pelosi is giving them free rein to do this, so the party has no problem with it. But what if Raul Grijalva and Alan Grayson and Russ Feingold did the same thing from the left?

Answer: The Democratic party would stab them in the eye.

This is proof positive the party is utterly non-liberal.  Our country is ruled by a far right Republican party who is only concerned with how to move further right, and a Democratic centrist party obsessed with following them at a “safe” distance.

For all the talk about the “Democratic Base” this one basic observation has been missing.  There is no Democratic Base.  Not anymore.  The Democrats represent an increasingly slim number of actual moderates in a rapidly polarizing country.  The only reason liberals vote for their sorry asses is to stave off the violent theocracy Republicans would put into place otherwise.

Don’t get me wrong, many of us did get our hopes up with Obama’s 2008 campaign.  He’s done everything to be a true Democrat and crush liberal hopes and dreams over the past 2 years.  The Democratic leadership – in the party, Congress, or in the White House – has successfully alienated liberals of all stripes.  Telling us to “Stop Whining” and “Buck Up” hasn’t motivated us to work harder.  Its motivated us to separate ourselves utterly from the failing Democratic brand.

Time for some soul searching dear readers.


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