What Police Murder Says About Us

The Police Officer who murdered an innocent man on San Francisco’s public transit system gets a lenient verdict – essentially concluding that the fear of black people is legally defensible.  As Digby notes:

He was just trying to teach the little bastard a lesson by swearing at him and then shooting him full of electricity while he was already on the ground. People have to learn to obey transit police officers unquestioningly and when they curse you out and threaten you out of the blue you have an obligation as a citizen to take whatever they mete out — including death if they accidentally pick up their torture device instead of their killing device. Shit happens.

Its not enough that we live in a police state.  We live in a racist, sadistic police state.  What does that say about us as a country?


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  1. It says we’re still a country populated with people. People with ugly human limitations. The humans in this country are no different than the ones in other countries that are chopping each other up with machetes or burying people up to their necks and stoning them to death.

    The only saving grace is we’ve managed to create a “civilized” society where that stuff is generally frowned upon… when it happens in large numbers that is.

    I read this yesterday and thought it was interesting.

    “I Love America Because No One Murdered Jay Leno”

    • Human nature may not differ, but there is something fundamentally different when we compare ourselves to European countries without a police state culture. When a visitor from AUSTRIA says she feels like our country is a police state, well that raises my hackles.

      I don’t think looking for saving graces is productive here, but rather “how do we reverse this”, because it sure as hell isn’t healthy for our society.

      ps I thought that article was really sad. What a waste of space.

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