What is the Point of Blogging

Why blog?

To let off steam?  Is it a sort of literary cardio?

Can I imagine, looking at my stats on this blog, that I am truly reaching people?  I certainly have found a few kindred spirits through here.  Friends have read a new post here and there, and come a way a little better informed.

What truly is the purpose of this?


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  1. To add your voice to those that are speaking out. One alone doesn’t have much volume. But many together can be deafening.

  2. If enough people speak, everyone will hear them.

  3. For me it’s only the faint hope of finding other voices in the wilderness.

    • I think you nailed it. Through blogging I’ve found other voices, and dear friends as well. In speaking up there is a wonderful sense of companionship and a nearness of intent that is well worth discovering.

  4. I think along with Jame’s reply, along with my finding this cathartic (letting out frustrations and observations), one might say my desire to speak it is indeed a reason. As to how many people are listening, that can be tough to say. Its certainly one of the bigger reasons I started blogging. After all, letters to the editor get published at the whim of the paper you submit to. A blog post tearing an article in that paper apart, however, goes live whenever you want it to.

  5. I haven’t been here for a while and it’s because you are unrealistic about the way the world really is, you call names and sling insults based on your narrow (liberal) view of things.

    I stopped in to see if recent events have made you more aware but alas you are still holding onto the principles that divide nations.

    I suggest you watch “the secret of oz”.

    In response to your why blog title, I would have to say it appears you blog to hear yourself talk and by the lack of participants to your site I know why you weren’t part of the wordpress purge that just took place.

    • You haven’t been missed. I can’t understand why you waste your time putting comments on a blog you don’t understand or agree with. Your inability to differentiate between criticism and insult does not make your comments any more enjoyable. Your thoughts about “how the world really is” involve a fear and hatred of others.

      For those unfamiliar with Michael D, his reference to my “calling him names” is in fact a reference to this thread in which I call his comments, not him, bigoted. Specifically he has a history of making bigoted, racist comments on this blog. Viewing the world through a racist lens doesn’t give you reality Michael, just a sad reflection of your own twisted perception of it.

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