Tuesday’s Elections – The Real Message

To paraphrase David Niewart:  The Democrats went further left, the Republicans went further right.  In fact, in the PA primary Democrats rejected the establishment candidate in favor of a real Democrat – Sestak.  While Rand Paul – the tea party favorite – beat the establishment Republican choice in Kentucky, the Democratic primary saw the same result (the further-from-the-center outsider winning) with higher turnout.  (That last point is especially salient given the ongoing narrative that Democrats will stay home in droves come November…. can you say BULLSHIT?).  In Arkansas fake Democrat Lincoln has earned herself a run-off against a true progressive Democrat.  All in all, what we saw is an electorate fed up with career politicians who aim for the center rather than standing up and defending the ideals of their respective parties.  On the right the victory won’t last long given a radical libertarian tea bagger is going up against a mainstream liberal in the fall.  Overall this was a huge win for real Democrats.  Of course you wouldn’t know that reading the mainstream media.

The message being sent to the establishment – especially the Democrats – is crystal clear: Stop compromising your way to loss and start fighting our way to victory.

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