British Petroleum is Holding Our Coast Hostage

What if I told you there was a way to completely stop the leak now?  There is.

This catastrophic leak, which could cost us Billions of dollars and forever change the gulf coast, and is now poised to threaten the east coast, was caused by one company’s unbridled greed.  Live, livelihoods, and habitats may be lost forever.

Now, simply to save money, BP is holding off on a solution to truly fix the problem.  It isn’t clear why this wasn’t done from day one. The rule should be simple:  If you ignore safety regulations and put the environment and economy in as much danger as BP has, you have lost the right to be in charge of the recovery effort.

Media coverage until recently has made it appear as though a chagrined BP was doing everything it could to stop the leak.  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Right now, our government could unilaterally decide to permanently seal the oil.  We have a full scale emergency on hand, there is no time to wait.  The situation isn’t getting any better.

Contact your state and federal representatives (especially if you live in a gulf state).  We need to make some serious noise about this.


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  1. No doubt. The greed seems to be getting worse in every sector of American life and many are starting to wonder if there’s anything that can be done about it.Unfortunately, these same people seem to be buying into the false white hope that is Ron Paul (And his son, Rand) and it just seems as though any real solutions to growing problems in our country are ignored or shouted down because someone screamed the word ‘Socialism’ or ‘Marxism’.

    But here’s the worst part: people think that standing against these solutions to our problems is the beginning of a revolution, but I see it as something else. What one sees as a revolution, others see as controlled dissent. The proof of this is in the Tea Party, as well as the sudden emergence of Ron and Rand Paul as so-called heroes who will save America once elected.

    However, the actions of these folks and the coverage they’re getting paints an entirely different story (Public officials being threatened, the scapegoating of President Obama, etc.). I shutter to think what might happen should these folks gain a real foothold in this country.

    • That is dead on. Some folks are being mislead by the Pauls and their brand of libertarianism.

      Whether the Tea Party is controlled or managed dissent, its definitely not healthy Democracy in action. Its debatable whether its there to reign in impulses, or to exploit those impulses to the fullest and make the angry ramblings of a few louder than the complaints of the many.

      (Heh, ps unless you are a camera I think you mean shudder).

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