Will We Get a Public Option?

That depends on you, dear reader.

It looks like the White House really does oppose it (Majikthise). This sounds far more credible than I find comfortable.

So what to do? Via Pandagon, Bitch Ph.D. has some suggestions:

Lookie here: the Blue Dogs have a handy little “contact us” page. One imagines that if they, like the White House, get a ton of pressure from Democratic voters–especially if the individual members also get a lot of emails, letters, and phone calls from constituents in their state.

Even if the fuckers are too beholding to the insurance companies to be swayed, I bet we can make them verrrry uncomfortable. They deserve it.

Call your congress critters! Go to local town hall meetings and speak out for a public option. The health insurance industry and their allies in congress have had their say. Let’s have ours, and let’s have it loudly.

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