Done With Democrats

We’ve got a majority in congress and a President on our team. As Bill Maher says, if not now, when?
The answer is never.
If Democrats don’t fight for meaningful health care reform in this country, I am THROUGH with them. As Susie Madrak notes:

If Obama does, in fact, include language to prevent the public health plan from becoming a single-payer option, we might as well kiss this Democratic majority goodbye. Because, as history shows, given the choice between a fake Republican and a real one, people will pick the real one every time!

Its go time people. We need to make a stand. Health Care reform is a life or death issue. Setting up a website to get us worked up, and then stepping up to the negotiating table having already given up, is the worst sort of betrayal. It isn’t the change we voted for, its an even bolder more of the same brand of politics. The kind where the people get royally fucked over for the sake of companies, in this case, the insurance industry.

No more.

If the Democrats can’t pull a win that means something out of this battle, its time to start organizing against them. Every single Democrat who opposes the public health option needs to be ruthlessly and energetically challenged in their next primary. Dr Howard Dean has a useful list here. You go on that list as a no, and you are on OUR list as someone to actively oppose during the next election.

I’m very happy and proud to see Jim Webb of Virginia firmly in the supporter’s column, along with Kerry and Kennedy from my home state of Massachusetts.

Where do your Representatives and Senators stand?

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2 Responses

  1. Universal healthcare will doom this country because as we’ve seen socialism fails and capitalism that our country was founded on works. Howard Dean and John Kerry and Ted Kennedy have yet to understand this along with Lindsay Graham. These socialists like them and Bernie Sanders should be thrown out of Congress in 2010.

    McCain/Palin ’08

    • @Jackson
      Do you equate dropping our entire economic system with giving more citizens access to health care?

      Socialized medicine works, and it works well. It succeeds spectacularly where our current system fails. Our current systems fails the uninsured and the underinsured. It fails those who actually get sick, and its only purpose seems to be for healthy people to pay corporations to fail to care for the sick.

      Beyond the substantial practical argument for single payer health care, there is the no less profound ethical argument. How can you sit there and comfortably say that there are people in this country who do not deserve medical care? Why should a police officer lose his insurance because his wife gets cancer? Why should a child be condemned to die because her insurer decides not to cover her because of the cost involved? Why should a woman with acne be denied coverage for cancer? These are all actual incidents and they are monstrous. They say the very worst things about our national character. Frankly, I expect far more from America. Don’t you?

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