Useful Spam Comments

I’m not sure what to do with these.  Three comments by people who clearly read my post, and who are just as clearly simply responding to my blog because the word “fitness” is in the title.  I want to reiterate my comment policy on spam:

Spam comments in the past, if applicable to the post, have had the spam links removed and the comments allowed.  Now, all spam comments will simply be blocked.  Period.

If I approve a useful comment from a spammer who took the trouble to read and respond to a post, then akismet will then allow that person to continue to comment.  So even if I remove the spam links, they might add more comments later with links to sketchy sites.  I don’t have time to police this blog.  So the rule is, if you spam, you are blocked.  And by blocked I mean I click “spam” on the helpful little akismet interface.

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