The Compelled Birth Movement

I get email! A reader (Liz) took issue with my post “The Problem With Calling Abortion Murder“.

She didn’t like my use of the term “anti-choice” to describe the falsely named “pro-life” crowd. She writes:

Your use of the term “anti-choice” is very misleading, and shows a significant misunderstanding of the term.

The term anti-choice by definition means “one who opposes ALL choices”, no matter what the topic of choice be. The opposition to abortion does not stem from the opposition of choices in general (as the term anti-choice would lead one to believe). Those who oppose abortion are against feticide and embryocide, thus making them anti-feticide, anti-embryocide, or anti-abortion. Just as someone who opposes the choice of a man to hit his wife is not anti-choice, but anti-domestic-violence, the correct label for a person who opposes abortion would be anti-abortion (or anti-feticide, anti-embryocide, etc.)

I would invite you to visit the website to review and read more information on this subject and on the use of the term anti-choice.

Anti-feticide is misleading too (it implies there is a murder taking place). But she has a point. After all, pro-choicers object to the term pro-life because the very same people tend to support war, the death penalty, and in fact seem so opposed to social programs one might say they shift from pro-life to anti-life the second one exits the womb. Anti-choice (and pro-choice) are both a bit confusing to someone utterly unfamiliar with the abortion debate in the US. Just what could we be talking about? What term should we use?

I prefer a term I first read over at Jesus’s General. The Compelled Birth Movement. This is about as accurate a term as one can create. The Compelled Birth Movement not only has the advantage of being stunningly accurate, its also quite handy for hinting at the misogynistic desire to control women behind the compelled birth movement.

Thus anti-choice becomes compelled birth. What does pro-choice become? We’ve got a couple options. Pro-Women. The Reproductive Rights Movement. I like both. Pro-Women accurately describes the kind of people who stand up for reproductive rights.

Either way, changing our language to be more exact is a wise move to make. It will slowly help shift the discourse our way. Every time a Compelled Birth advocate claims to be pro-life, feel free to make a very public correction.

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