The Problem With Calling Abortion Murder

Let’s say I said administrators at a school were routinely picking out high school students teachers didn’t like, and killing them.  Let’s say in addition, they had the full complicity of our legal system.  Would you be in the streets protesting?  Would you be writing articles or blog posts?  Or would you be in that school trying to rescue the kids, and shooting the administrators?

The problem with lying and calling abortion murder is that it leads directly to shit like this: An abortion provider was shot to death in Kansas.

Make no mistake about it, calling abortion murder is a lie.  One that anti-choice activists do not believe:

If abortion is murder, why don’t anti-choice activists support charging women who have abortions with murder?  They don’t, because the anti-choice movement is about restricting women’s freedoms and imposing religious law on everyone in this country.

Meanwhile the nuttier activists in the poorly named pro-life movement decide to take matters into their own hands and commit actual murder.

This has to stop, and the place to start is with the lie that abortion is murder.

Doing so actively invites violence against everyone involved in an abortion, and at best is horribly irresponsible and unethical of the people who repeat the lie.  At worst it is an active incitement to commit a crime.

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4 Responses

  1. I think you’ve put it better than anyone. Calling it murder is inviting this kind of thing.

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  3. Actual murder? Interesting! The only idiots that think the way you do are already here.

    I suppose we should strike down the ‘double murder’ laws that stand in nearly every state in this hell hole we call America when a pregnant woman is killed.

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