WordPress vs Blogger

I decided to try using Blogger for a bit, having heard some good things from friends (whom I also convinced to try out wordpress).

Here are the advantages I found for both services:


  • Complete customization, for free.  I am in control of how my blog looks and acts.  Including javascript!
  • Its easy to add in automated social bookmarking links.
  • I can add in google ads if I want (still giving those a test drive, rather undecided about whether or not they will stay).
  • The editor is very lightweight, and sports an intuitive and simple user interface.
  • OpenID and Captchas for comments


  • Prebuilt themes look a smidge more professional
  • The editor offers more features
  • Built in community
  • Akismet
  • Integrated Statistics

Both have their issues.  Both editors routinely have hiccups that necessitate editing the raw html.  (This seems to happen more with Blogger, although WordPress’s editor can often lead to crashes in less stable browsers like FireFox 3.0.x).

Blogger gets out of my way.  The writing user interface’s simplicity is a superior feature.  Rather than a crappy interface for categories (and a good ui for tags), Blogger has a single interface for labels.  The editor loads quickly and remains stable.  Social bookmarking links, after installing the code into the template, are automatically included in every post, no need for a song and dance.

Blogger wins hard on customization, ads, social bookmarking, and ease of use.  Blogger also publishes faster.  WordPress wins on statistics.  Its a bit early to say whether the wordpress community translates into a traffic win.

Right now I’m really leaning towards blogger as the right platform for a personal blog.

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