Dear readers,

The time has come for a new focus.  Most of my energy is going into a new nonprofit I’ve started.  I’ve been working on this in my free time since last spring.  It represents the fruition of plans I first laid in college, and I am extremely excited and energized.  However I’ve found of late I simply don’t have the energy to write posts.

I might find that energy again in a few months, or find time here and there for a post when something important flies my way.  But for the moment I need to focus on making my passion a reality and doing my part to actively make this country a better place.  I want to warmly and deeply thank everyone who has read, commented on and linked to this blog.  You’ve repeatedly made my day.

The blog itself has been an illuminating adventure.  I’ve taken stands, made mistakes, debated, learned, and explored a great deal.  Its been a great blast and you’ve all been a great part of it.

– Dan

UPDATE:  I’m back, although on a rather random and light schedule.


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  1. Best of luck , Dan

    Let me know if you decide to start back up.

  2. I’ll miss this blog. Best of luck with your ventures!

  3. Good luck with your nonprofit, Dan!

  4. No worries. We will keep the light on!

  5. Best wishes, Dan. I’m sure you’ll do good work!

  6. Dan:
    Good luck. Give us an occasional update

  7. Thanks everyone!!!

  8. I wish you the best of luck. Take care.

    The Daily Wit f/k/a supercynic.

  9. It’s always a battle for what takes priority for our time and our energies. There’s just never enough time for everything.

    Thanks for the ride and the excellent work and good luck on everything.

    Give me a shout out if you decide to return to the ‘shere.


  10. A blog is a blog (even if it’s a good blog). Go on to doing important work. I wish you well.

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