New Bank Bailout to Cost 793 Trillion

The new bank bailout will cost a lot.  That’s ok.  I don’t mind paying for the failures of Gree Market* policy and blind financial prognosticating by still-employed economic opinon-makers.  At this point the stimulus is so costly as to effectively be in imaginary dollars anyway.

The banks have gone from keeping how they spent our tax-money secret to letting slip the most endearing little hints.

Like spending the money on buying a jet, and refusing to use the money for its intended purpose.

But for some reason the thought that these losers are raking in billions in bonuses after utterly failing at their jobs, while plenty of skilled, hard working Americans get kicked to the cub, really makes my blood boil.  At the very least they should be fined for the damage they caused, not rewarded.

* I’m warming to the idea of using the phrase Gree Market, to denote the greedy reality of so called Free Market policies (which are often anything but).

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