The Hard Work of Change

Thank You, President Obama, for your commitment to represent young voters.

We are the future of this country, and together, we are ready to do the hard work to make this country stronger, safer, and more just for everyone.


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  1. Future of the country? Hard work? Liberals don’t know what hard work is. Haven’t you noticed? Less and less people working to pay for those who won’t. I haven’t found a liberal yet that will agree to a simple test to see who’s smarter and who can survive. I propose we build two identical cities. One will be filled with liberals and nothing but liberals and the other will be nothing but conservatives. All will start with identical resources. Let’s observe what happens…Got any clue as to the results? We can take a good guess by looking at cities full of liberals and democrats already. A nasty broke shit hole where drugs, crime and welfare are the norm. These cities couldn’t make it without federal help. How about a whole country of nothing but liberals? It wouldn’t last a week. Why can’t you people see what you really are? A constant drain on responsible people…

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