Slate’s Misleading Take on the Israeli Peace Movement

From a Slate article by Anne Applebaum on the explosion in Gaza:

The Israelis—both on the “peacenik” left and the more bellicose right—believe that the only way to prevent Hamas from firing rockets is to fight back.

The article links to an interview with an Israeli author, who states his opinion that the Israeli left  supports the violence in Gaza.  Given our own experience in the US of self labeled left-wing Democrats supporting the war in Iraq, I wonder how many leftists in Israel truly do support the warfare in Gaza.  How many “peaceniks” in particular.  That single  line from Applebaum makes it sound as though all of them do.


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  1. My educated guess is that this is all about narrative: supposed “leftists” are defined as being pro-war, probably because a few prominent self-proclaimed leftists are. Then the process of erasing dissent is strengthened, because the bounds of “acceptable discourse” have already been established well to the right.

    Yet another example of framing as a prop for the powerful.

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