Researchers Still Studying Virginity Pledges

Its 2008, and somewhere out there a researcher is thinking:

“By Golly, I wonder if virginity pledges work?  Better start another study.”

We could deprive teenagers of all but 4 hours a day for sleep, remove their sense of sight, and send them to school in chastity contraptions that would make Houdini shudder, and they’d still find a way to have sex.  The sooner we start from reality rather than a fantasy fueled by a fervent desire for “purity” amongst the young, the faster we’ll be able to ensure teens have healthy, safe sex.

the results, published in the journal Pediatrics, suggest that virginity pledgers are less likely to protect themselves against pregnancy or disease when they do have sex.

This is directly in line with studies on the various forms of abstinence education.  I’m sure a similar study on kids who attend “chastity balls” with their parents would yield the same results.  We get it.  The point has been made and proved.  Additional studies won’t be worth a damn against the religious right, who will continue championing the ideal of purity at the expense of teenage sexual health no matter what kind of research comes out.


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  1. “chastity balls”

    That sounds so wrong in so many ways….


    And it’s usually daughters with their fathers who attend these events that include the daughter pledging her virginity to her father.

    Excuse me while I check today’s date….yep, I thought so December 30th, 2008…. as in 8 years after the calendar year 2000, as in the freaking 21st Century!

    I would like to have children one day, and if I have a daughter I would rejoice, and yes I would want her to stay chaste if for nothing else that she should be an consenting adult in a caring relationship before she should engage in sexual intercourse (that means, educated, mature and willing with the partner of her choosing). Best for her and everybody involved. But the idea of a daughter of mine pledging her virginity to me….

    I’ll be right back…

    I got to puke first…..

  2. Being both from the South and growing up Southern Baptist, this is a topic with which I am, excuse the pun, intimately familiar. There are no less than 5 ways I could go with this topic, but I will choose the shortest route to allow everyone a chance to complete reading this by supper time.

    Virginity pledges do not work. No need for studies or even afterthought. The only reason that they seem to work on the surface is that the virginity pledges are made at an age before opportunities and, more importantly, hormones present themselves at a frenzied pace. Having first hand witnessed, and taking part in, the colossal joke that was/is “True Love Waits” ( I can tell you that this is a charade meant to let parents sleep easier at night hoping that their child will succumb to the guilt of having told more than 100 perfect strangers and some adults they know that they wouldn’t have sex until marriage.

    I agree that abstinence is, for the most part, a pipe dream but it is also unhealthy and in the end almost guarantees that the child has more sex. Because aside from the simple fact that sex is fun, now it has the added bonus of being alluring forbidden; giving that extra little rush of adrenaline. In my humble opinion, the way to approach it is with education, openness, and demystification. Sex is an everyday (if you’re lucky) thing and a part of life just like eating and breathing. Except you can eat and breathe before you get married.

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