Handling Threats in Comments

I have a comment hanging around in my moderation queue.  It reads like an angry 8th grader’s racist bathroom graffiti.   It contains a threat against President Elect Obama, exhorting readers to “give him the MLK lesson”.

In keeping with the comment policy at this blog, I’ve decided to allow it.  However, I’ve also decided, given its nature, to publish the exact time of the comment, as well as the originating ip address and given email address (though clearly fake).

If racists and bigots want to use this blog to vent, that’s fine.  It showcases their ignorance in marked contrast to the liberals they foam and rant against.  But I want to make clear:

Any comment that can be construed as a violent threat may get your ip published.

Here is the offending comment:

Time to get moving…give him the MLK lesson.

Remember: Let as nigger out of the back of the bus and he wants to drive!

One more democratic vote for a dead nigger.

[EDITED: Removed]

Racists like this particular little maggot can scream all they want, in the end they are simply spineless cowards who lack real power and legitimacy.

UPDATE: Upon Reflection (and Christopher’s excellent suggestions), I’ve decided reporting is the way to go.


2 Responses

  1. Dan,

    Yep. The election of Obama has suddenly given license to all the racist extremists to come crawling out from under their rocks to post garbage like the bon mot you shared.

    Do you have the IP Tracking link? It’s useful. I finally turned one of my trolls into his ISP and told them if they didn’t threaten to terminate his account, I would escalate the matter to the state AG and law enforcement.

    His posts on my blog ended within 72 hours.

    Here it is if you want to locate him. Hope its useful.



  2. I forgot.

    Here’s an excellent resource to report the problem trolls. I’ve used it several times.

    Let me know how things go.


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