Against Jewish Republicans

Jews who support the modern Republican party have long been a target of condemnation in my family, idiots like Lieberman at the fore.  The reason for this is quite simple.  Republican Jews have successfully replaced the notion of Jewish identity with one of Israeli identity.  For them the first question is “will this be good for Israel”, and not “will this be good for my people”.  This is a crucial twist, and one that reveals a very ugly truth about their naivete.

The Republican party is made up of a couple of factions, each defined largely by fundamentalist Christianity, corporatism, or nativism.  Sarah Palin’s existence on the ticket is as clear a reinforcement of the Republican party’s commitment to a Christian Nation as one could imagine.  Which reminds me of the scene in Borat where Jim Smith (a state supreme court Chief Justice in Mississippi currently running for re-election) claims that this is a Christian Nation.  The Republican party is one that actively strengthens the union between the Christian church and our state.  They are also a party that regularly engages in anti-semitism.  Real anti-semitism, where warnings against “New York liberals” suffice as thinly coded language against Jews.  Not the false anti-semitism of standing up to Israel when it goes too far against the Palestinians.

When I read this at the Huffington Post, it became clear that the Republican Jewish Coalition represents the very worst of Conservative Jewish politics (conservative as in Republican, not conservative Judaism) (From Talking Points Memo):

“Concerned about Barack Obama? You should be,” the mailer warns. “History has shown that a naive and weak foreign policy has resulted in tragic outcomes for the Jewish people.”

The mailer helpfully notes that the image is a pic of Obama speaking in Germany.

Tragic outcomes for the Jewish people, throughout history, have been linked to fascism and religious fundamentalism.  Yet Republican Jews support a party that is hell bent on writing the Christian Bible into our legal code.  The stunning idiocy of this support is every bit as shocking as finding support among the working poor for Republican economic policy.

A McCain/Palin Presidency, endorsed by Dick Cheney, represents walking further down the path of eroding civil rights, constant warfare, and the politics of fear.  It is a clear invitation for fascism to fulfill Sinclair Lewis’s prediction and come to America wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

When that happens, how does the Republican Jewish Coalition imagine the Jewish people will be treated?


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  1. Tragic outcomes for the Jewish people, throughout history, have been linked to fascism and religious fundamentalism.


  2. If they only knew that their staunchest allies within the party, the End-of-the-World types, dream of seeing Israel and the whole world wrapped in flames where the Jews finally admit their mistake and convert. Of course those who don’t, well, the Bible is not big on second or third chances.

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