Palin Abused Power: This Should Sink McCain

Sarah Palin abused power, and the way the McCain campaign has handled this fits a pattern:

Time and again both McCain and Palin have showed a deep rift with reality and a zealous lack of hesistation in driving arrogantly ahead regardless.  America now has a clear picture of how team McCain will govern if they win the White House in November.

The McCain Palin team has zero credibility left at this point.  Anyone still supporting McCain and Palin is not paying attention.


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  1. Talking about power and politics, I just read a post on Clipmarks that proved beyond a doubt some things that I had suspected about the Right’s fear of Barack Obama:

    (Name Withheld):

    “And that’s our difference Rat….In the past, I would not have cared who listened to my incoming phone calls from overseas. Not only have I never made any but anyone would be bored; but with an Obama Administration, whose lackeys are looking for dirt (not just espionage and terrorist activity)…well, now I’d be worried. Just my clips alone would be enough to reveal my extreme dislike for his policies, opinions, and “post-American World” view. So those, such as I, might be dangerous or at the very least, undermining his agenda.

    Now, it gets worrisome.”

    Yeah NOW it gets worrisome. 7 years to late and a few Trillion Dollars short!

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