GodTube: Sex Before Marriage

The video itself isn’t remarkable.  It compares marrying someone who has had pre-marital sex to getting an order in a restaurant a previous patron has already eaten.  Would that make marital sex like eating the same order over and over again?  While the endless cycle of regurgitation and ingestion hinted at does provide some mirthful moments, the comments section is a fascinating read.  Most of the comments express disgust with the video with a few “yay let’s be holy and chaste” shout outs sprinkled throughout.  This one comment really stood out (emphasis mine):

Just so you know, this vid is circling the net right now, garnering ridicule and outrage from folks who are intelligent, compassionate Christians. No, the circulation of this vid will not help you “spread your message”…if anything it will harden even more hearts, and probably turn more hearts against God. We are fortunate that one of the creators of this has explained himself (comments below) and is even intelligent enough to understand the flaw of his work. He even sums up the major problem with most “Creative Arts Ministries” in America; There is too much interest in condemnation and reinforcing negative prejudices. It is created solely for shock value (the “shock” aspect being questionable at best, and regarded by most young people as “lame” at worst). There is little or no interest by the people using the creative arts to present God’s message in showing/exploring the teachings of love, the railing against hypocrisy, and the values of compassion…these are the cornerstone of Christ’s teachings. Instead, these folks capitalize on kid’s fears and insecurities. The more intelligent young people who view this vid will see it for what it is: a desperate attempt by people who claim to “get it” to maintain the status quo. Your arrogance will drive them away. The more easily swayed will, sadly, take these values more to heart. They will take a condescending stance towards those they can easily label as sinners. They will place themselves higher than others, because you teach them it is right to do so. I ask you: If call yourselves Christians, how do you have ANY right to judge others?

I keep the reactions to videos like this in mind when considering national politics.  There’s always that segment of the population who could care less what specifically a candidate says so long as they believe in Reagan as their lord and savior.  For them the concept of truth boils down to “does it reinforce my beliefs?”.

Posting this again for “cooket” since he is so “high and mighty” This video was done for our youth group a couple years ago and was for total shock value. The message was covered with Grace and love and truth. Looking back, I don’t think I would have changed anything about the video, but I think I would have make a part 2 showing the Grace side. Blessings, Vince

In addition to turning people off to the compassionate activist side of Christianity, the thinking exposed by the reactions to this video show a very watered down concept of truth and identity.  How many of the children in that youth group who tone down their faith to sane and have sex before marriage will internalize the video’s message?  If their concept of self and correct action always comes down to an argument from authority, its no surprise the religious right is cannon fodder for this nation’s fascist tendencies.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention I got wind of the GodTube item from my friend Brad.  Doh!


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  1. Actually sex before marriage can be risky as it can make you late for the ceremony…. I’ll be here all week etc.

  2. Specially if your boinking the bride!

  3. *sigh* sometimes other Christians just embarrass me! I read the comments, and all of the “this is so totally true” and “I’m saving myself for the husband God will give me” made me want to hit something. Are we still in victorian times? Is a woman’s value still judged by whether or not her hymen is intact?

    Not to mention the affect that the “spoiled goods” logic can have on girls who are sexually abused.

    The people that made that video really ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    (Oh, and God ordered Hosea to marry a whore! Not sure if that’s really applicable to the discussion at hand, but, hey…)

  4. And yet, much as I have no problem scarfing down a plate of lo mein while watching surgical removal of a massive heartworm burden from a dog on video, the comparing of sex with pre-eaten food doesn’t make me any less interested in either sex or pre-eaten food. I guess what I’m saying is, I REALLY like all of these things: sex, food, and nasty wriggling parasites.

    That’s right, I’m eclectic.

  5. Lindsey,
    Apparently for a segment of the US, yes.
    And thinking about the cases where that way of looking at the world damages people who have already been hurt makes me sick.

    Oh May,
    You are a catch and a half! How much of that comes from working with animals though?
    I think it depends on how pre-eaten the food is. Are we talking mush, or simply “softened”? How about picked at?

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