Palin is McCain’s Weakpoint

Pressure is building on Palin, and McCain has nowhere to go as she brings his campaign down from the inside (FiveThirtyEight):

It’s important to reinforce what Nate wrote Sunday night. Not gonna happen. It would be overt surrender. As most of you know, I’ve been on the road for the past three weeks, so far visiting at least a dozen McCain campaign offices in six battleground states as well as Palin’s first solo rally in Carson City, Nevada. If McCain dumps Palin, it is over.

McCain is incredibly vulnerable on his VP pick.  Her interviews with Katie Couric have revealed a politician who’d readily cheat off Bush in an exam.  As the electorate begins to fret over McCain’s health, the second in line for the throne is reminding people how much worse it can get.

Palin is last-ditch effort to win over religious conservatives at all costs.  And while her singular focus on Roe might help with that crowd at the expense of socially liberal conservatives and independents, the sheer intensity of her faith and its clear impact on her governing might push many religious conservatives away.  Is it any wonder a young earth creationist rejects global warming?  Are we surpised a woman who’se church persecutes people for suspected witchcraft might support fascist or theorcatic governing?

McCain has made a politically fatal choice, and the first debate will drive that home with voters.  McCain threw a wild punch and now he’s wide open.  Democrats need to close in for the knock-out.


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  1. “McCain threw a wild punch and now he’s wide open. Democrats need to close in for the knock-out.”

    The people demand more boxing metaphors!

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