Will the Inclusion of Foreign Banks Stop the Bailout?

The 700 billion dollar bailout is generating justified rage.  Will the inclusion of foreign banks in the US taxpayer funded bailout be enough to sink it?

Right now, the Republicans are taking the heat for the economy.  If the Democrats pass this bill, that is going to change quickly.

Johnathan Schwarz:

Write and call your representative and senators plus Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid this morning and tell them to tell the Bush administration NO on their proposed $700 billion handout to Wall Street. Congress obviously can propose a much better plan of its own, but the first thing to do is kill this monstrosity.

Congress main line
(202) 224-3121

Write your representative

Write your senators

Nancy Pelosi
(202) 225-0100
Write Pelosi (corrected)

Harry Reid
(202) 224-3542
Write Reid

Our government has been racking up the failures over the past 8 years.  This one is going to hurt.  We just can’t afford it, and any politicians not on the page of sound economic recovery are going to pay for it dearly: Its hard to put “700 billion dollar bailout”, “foreign banks”, and “you lost your job” together and spell “electable”.

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