Palin: Itchy, Crazy and Near the Red Button

How close is Governor Palin to the red button?  A heartbeat away.  A John “Older than Penicillin” McCain.

So when she makes a really stupid and bellicose statement towards Russia, we ought to take notice.

My friend Brad sent that to me, and Matt Damon raises a damn good point.  Sarah Palin is not a reason-based governor.  She’s a faith-based governor.

And what I want to know, in the midst of her support for our current wars and seeming willingness to engage in more, is the following:  Does she believe we are living in the end times, and if so, how will that drive her actions in the White House?


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  1. […] In Latin America the Chile connection means a lot more than to the Bush administration (unless ‘My Pet Goat’ is a history textbook), if the Whitehouse is mulling over coups the timing is for electoral reasons, they are as Rove said in a constant state of campaigning and now only more so, absolutely nothing is done without the political dimension being considered, if not as the paramount objective. The US is, of course, preoccupied with Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan (& Somalia) plus this return to coup-ish sedition, secession and subversion to its south does perhaps hint they have figured Iran is beyond their means even if the VP candidate echoes the current VP and wants to have WWlll. […]

  2. The dinosaurs and humans walk the earth together story:

  3. Every time I think of Palin, this image pops up:

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