The Republican Police State is Here

The Police, in riot gear and carrying semi automatic weapons, raided houses on a purely political basis.  This was done at the behest of the federal government.

They blamed “anarchists”.  No, seriously.  These raids were carried out for thought crime.

Ian Welsh is right in observing that the bleeding silence from the media and political class is enough to convict (emphasis mine):

It’s notable that as of this writing, at midnight, I see nothing on the NY Times front page or on their US page about the RNC harassment, arrests and snatch squads. I see nothing on the Washington Post’s front page, or its Politics page. As best I am aware no major Democratic politician has made a statement that warrants should be required before busting down doors, or that protesters have a right to protest, or that people even have a right to see a warrant.

Why is that? Is it that there’s a bipartisan consensus that civil liberties are just for talk, but when the handcuffs get slapped on people who have done nothing, when people are punished for crimes they haven’t commited, that it’s no big deal as long as they aren’t anyone important? Is it that Democrats stirring words about civil liberties were as sincere as many of their promises to vote against warrantless wiretapping?

I can only assume it is. But I’d certainly love to be proved wrong. So, perhaps a major newspaper might act interested in mass violations of basic constitutional rights like the right to free speech, the right to assembly and the right to be secure in ones own home and possessions and for the government to not be able to search and seize without a warrant. They covered the exact same sort of harassment by the Chinese government in Beijing against activists and journalists, but they don’t cover it when it’s the US government. Wonder why?

Because they have the same boss.  Complacency is complicity.  This is why members of the Accountability Now PAC are going against politicians from any party that tramble on our fundamental rights.

Further reading on slashdot, crooks and liars, and the huffington post.

To be fair, the media has some coverage.  The AP has some tepid coverage here.  The San Francisco Chronicle has more:

Activists planning protests around the Republican National Convention say they are being targeted in a heavy-handed attempt to chill dissent after police arrested five people, detained dozens of others, and seized computers and protest guides in raids Friday night and Saturday on private homes and the major meeting center.

Google News probably would have been a better place to check.  It isn’t that these events were not covered.  Direct censorship is easily noticed and countered.  Soft censorship, that is to say covering an event a little but not promoting it, is a far more effective way to keep most people (the kind who would not think to search for “RNC Protest” on a news site) in the dark.

I hate to be brutal, but the 2008 election is about making a choice.  The constitution is in tatters on the ground.  We’ve got to choose between the man with the bloody knife and the man with a single band-aid.  Perhaps I am being unfair, but Obama really needs to make a big stink about this.  Its about as close to an easy win opening as the campaign is going to get.  He needs to be the man between the constitution and the guy with the knife.  And if I were him, I’d be armed too.  Because the guy with the knife is just getting started.  At least the Democrats didn’t have anything like this at their convention.  Can’t wait to see what the Republicans do next.


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  1. Actually I was watching real time with bill maher and I think the democrats had a “free speech zone” too. I knew the first time I had heard about free speech zones we were going downhill fast.

  2. brian,
    The free speech zone is bullshit, agreed. As far as I know though, no reports of mass arrests, semi-automatics being pulled on civilians, etc.

    I think that distinction does a good job of presenting the difference in the parties.
    Democrats: We’ll oppress you just this much.
    Republicans: We will oppress the shit out of you. Then make you sit in it.

  3. This is no longer a matter of Red State vs Blue State, boys and girls. This is about power vs freedom. We, the People, have little of the former and we possess only a shadowy illusion of the latter.

    Mussolini defined fascism as the marriage between corporations and government. Check the FEC reports of both your favorite *and* least favorite politicians. Then, take another look at K Street.

    The two major political parties, working both together and independently, now offer us a choice: Accept their self-proclaimed – and un-Constitutional – ultimate authority to govern every minute of our very lives. or…of beginning a new American Revolution.

    We simply have no option, but those two…

  4. A new revolution is a scary concept Warren. Revolutions mean blood.

    I’d vastly vastly prefer to consider political moves before we get to a point where that truly is the only option.

  5. Personally, Dan, I keep hoping for a ‘Velvet” revolution. Historically and realistically, the more that people object to tyranny, however peacefully they do so, the more that governments use coercion and force to control the people. The more that governments use coercion and force, the more the people push back, the more that governments will use coercion and force, thus, the situation inevitably cycles towards violence and/or oppression.

    Currently, peaceful political resoutions in American politics are almost impossible to achieve. Whether left, right or center, only a handful of politicians in America actually attempt to follow the Constitution and keep their oaths of office and of service. With a close examination of government as compared to the limits placed upon it by The Constitution, we can readily see that The Constitution is, indeed, just a piece of paper. Ideologically, many people, whatever their political persuasion, only wish to impose their own beliefs and wills upon others, sans any Constitutional considerations. When they do refer to the Constitution, they apply its ideals solely to themselves, but not to others, or they invoke the powers of government to support their own cause while using government to subvert the rights of others. This fact, alone, will lead to violence.

    The social contract in America is broken. Historically, once the social contract is broken, all that is left is chaos and violence.

  6. Warren,
    I’d like to break that cycle.

    I do see a lot of indicators for an increase in violence. I’d like to work against that.

    The social contract isn’t completely severed. If it were revolution would be closer at hand. It is dangling though, which in my view is a far more dangerous place to be. In one sense a sharp transition to tyranny cannot compare to the efficacy of a slow slide. (On the other hand, given the huge power imbalance between government and the governed, does it really matter how it happens?)

  7. […] The Republican Police State is Here […]

  8. Anyone who feels that this is a party issue is sorely misled and not seeing the big picture. I am not for mccain or obama as I see them as the globalist pushers that they are. Obama has already given a global speech in germany calling for world cooperation as well as asking for a Nazi youth brigade to police OUR soil. We already have that, thanks to the government… they are called Blackwater and they are PAID mercenary militants to do the bidding of those who are paying… our government. If you werent aware. Ultimately they are being paid by us to do harm to us at the command of ‘others’. They are hiring for many positions for some upcoming event? check out their website.

    Meanwhile mccain is for WW3 and is heavily promoting this and is responsible for such things as Blackwater and our NEW STORM TROOPING POLICE STATE 2008!

    So, what will it take before we realize what is really going on? Seems like if this hasnt, will it be when we have no gun rights, property righhts, right to privacy, no more freedom of speech, revokation of Habaes Corpus, deemed guilty until proven innocent breaking the 4th Amendment… Oh…thats correct…. sorry, we already have been REVOKED OF THOSE RIGHTS.

    so, agian, what will it take Amerika? FEMA DEATH CAMPS?

  9. Also if some dont remember…

    Hitler used the false flag event of the burning of the Reichstag to creat what?

    Homeland Security.

    thats correct.

    Our entire forieng & domestic policy is now been rewritten around the 9-11 terror attacks. Now Americans are considered Terrorists if we simply disagree with the government.

    2+2=4 and as sad and scary as it may seem, a true ‘shaking of the liberty tree may need to take place’ or we wont have anything left to shake except our ___ if were lucky. I dont want that, i dont know anyone who does. I want every thing to go back like it was. But public are so dumbed down & blind to what is happening before their own eyes, many are not responding to this in the way it should be and that is to flat out REFUSE to comply to the tyranny of government.

    It would be awesome if everyone just woke up to what is happening. With a NINE PERCENT conrgessional approval rating it seems like we are awake to a point but we must not be fully awake or we would not be having this article.

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