Sarcastic Quip Sums up Right Wing Paranoia

My friend Adam emailed this gem to me from Fox New’s comments section:

Comment by ethan

August 28th, 2008 at 11:58 pm

i heard Barack fathered a black child. i cant vote for him. also.. i heard 25 years ago..a hot dog vendor sold Barack a hot dog. then that vendor went on to say that Blacks should take over all white economic power structures in a huge bloody revolution. that street vendor said that on a bar stool in a now demolished dive bar. i cant vote for someone who associates with counter culture revolutionaries. also Barack wants to take my money and give it to welfare queens who get their nails and hair done while getting abortions. also..i dont believe in global warming. i think its a hoax. the 35,000 pages of scientific evidence is wrong. intellectuals are dumb.
p.s. we’re winning the war on terror. iraq children were putting fluoride in our water supplies. its the part of 9/11 the liberal media doesnt tell you about.

That nails a lot of the right wing Fear Uncertainty and Doubt being pushed on Obama.  Well played ethan.  Dig the nod to Dr. Strangelove at the end.


Will McCain Leave His Wife for Younger VP Candidate?

My friend Masroor suggested it over lunch.  Its a funny thought.  But the answer is no, Cindy McCain isn’t crippled.

Still this AP article has the unfortunate title McCain taps Alaska governor for VP.

Riverdaughter: Desperation and Comment Fraud

How desperate do you have to be when you edit your user’s comments to fraudulently make it appear they support your position?  Riverdaughter has sunk to a depressing low.

My edited comment:

Dan (Fitness), on August 29th, 2008 at 12:52 am Said:

Are you happy? I am.

(Edited for the amusement of the Site Administrator)

My original comment asked how she could support writing Hillary Clinton in, when the NY Senator is not running, and in fact endorsed Barack Obama to continue fighting for their shared political positions.  I asked how PUMA could support John McCain, when he is pro-war, anti-choice, and stands against expanding health care (once Hillary Clinton’s signature issue).

The little disclaimer slipped in there leaves much to the imagination.  Is this Dan (Fitness) guy a Hillary supporter?  Did he leave spam or abusive comments?  No.  I just left a comment that ripped apart the flimsy rationale behind PUMA’s existence, and she couldn’t take the criticism.

Here is my latest comment:

Dan (Fitness), on August 29th, 2008 at 1:15 am Said:

I can’t believe you’d stoop to editing my text to make it appear I support you.
I’m surprised and disappointed.

I wonder if she’ll respond to it, alter it to put words in my mouth, or just wipe it entirely.

UPDATE: It appears she’s content to leave the new comment and censor the traceback from this post.