Open Letter to a PUMA Follow Up

Diamondtiger has been censoring any comments on his blog that effectively counter his argument (or even reference the censorship).  That’s what passes for free speech with the PUMA crowd I suppose.

Talk about hypocrisy:

Your Conscience has ended up in the SPAM FILTER because he/she could not be civil and respect free speech. Sorry – start bashing and being a dipstick – you end up in the garbage!

(My post tearing apart supporting McCain over Obama here.)  Another censored commenter has a sharp take on PUMA here, minus any responses from PUMA.

PUMA, Party Unity My Ass, stands for overriding the Democratic vote.  Why would they support free speech?


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  1. Dan — thanks for linking to my site. I even invited all the readers of diamondtiger to come to my site and load me up with comments explaining their position. I’m still waiting on the first one.

    Keep up the good work.

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