Good Reads and Curiosities

Richard Dawkins reading his hate mail:

Check out The Daily Show’s RNC Convention Billboard.

This looks fascinating (race as a theological problem).

One rich Republican is behind most of the negative campaigning in 2004 (“Swift Boat Veterans for Truth”) and to come in 2008.

Nancy Pelosi waxes wicked awesome.

Drop in and have a read: Nezua is both auctioning a bit of weirdness to raise money for his RNC trip.  Check the grace of his form vis-a-vis the Republican establishment:

HERE IS ONE OF THE FEW TANGIBLE ICONS of the time I was arrested in NYC for protesting the RNC convention and part of a much bigger picture wherein police duties take on a new aspect, where mass arrests are common place, where COINTELPRO tactics bleed back into use, where corrupt government must set up extensive and grim cage areas for all the bodies they will have to keep behind barbed wire before their elitist shindigs are celebrated.

“Democracy Behind Barbed Wire” sounds like a Republican Party Platform.

Via SPLC: Jerome Corsi, the Republican who wrote “Obama Nation”, apparently appeared on a white supremacist radio show.  Corsi has backpedeled half-heartedly into a brick wall.

Things you aren’t allowed to see on google maps.

If you are interested in the media (or in the media business), Newscat’s post on the media is worth chewing over.

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