Fox News: Corporate Rhetoric

The Right Wing media loves a chance to present protesters (read “far leftists”) as the dirty unruly mob to their clean authority figures.  Clucking their tongues and barely disguising the pleasure they take in their tacked on umbrage, I’m sure they’ll call the people literally marching in streets “latte-sipping liberal elites” without skipping a beat.  From HuffPost:

Check out the line at the end:

“Griff Jenkins our own Griff Jenkins in the midst of the crowd giving them a chance to speak out, to tell what their message is, and they’re not even talking, all they’re doing is screaming and yelling at him, we’ll make sure he’s ok we’ll check back with him when he can get himself sort of away from that really raucus crowd.”

Actually, a the protestors did slip their two cents in.  One said the message of the march was “stop the torture, stop the war”.  But most of them (before the rousing chorus of “Fuck Fox News”) settled on variations of “Fuck the Corporate Media”.  The guy who laughs when asked if “he believes in freedom of speech” does so with good reason.  Beyond the ludicrous nature of a guy from Fox News asking that question, is the fact that as liberals they know the deck is stacked, and refuse to take part in the game.  Anything they say that does not fit the prepared Fox narrative will be ignored, twisted, or flat out lied about.

Griff Jenkins and Fox News were not giving the crowd a chance to speak.  They were going political dumpster diving in the hopes of portraying the Democrats as divided, radical, and un-American.  What they got (but quickly glossed over) was a rejection of their legitimacy as a news network.

A chance to “speak out” on Fox News is about as realistic as a “reality” tv show.  When a heavily biased and entrenched opponent controls how your words are used, why speak at all?  Why give them anything?  Just another way Corporations peddling media continue to aggressively push the myth of free speech in the face of corporate speech.