Biden: Is That… Is It Excitement?

I was feeling pretty luke warm about Obama’s choice of VP.  Until I read August (and saw this):

I think Feministing has it right on the downside of many of his positions.  Pamela has a more in-depth (and ultimately encouraging) look at more of his positions.

But I’m going to quote (and go with) a massive chunk of August Pollacks brain words here (sweet sweet emphasis mine):

There’s an even better way to frame Biden’s personality, and despite what people are worried about, I think it’s his greatest asset: In simplest terms, Joe Biden is an enormous asshole. And frankly, I love him for it. He’s the type of asshole who’s an asshole because he knows, right out of the gate, that he’s smarter than you, that he knows more about a subject, and that he actually has the right idea about something. And damn it people, it’s time to finally try having someone who’s not ashamed of that instead of pretending to be an idiot just to pander.

He has said a lot of stupid shit, but he’s also said a lot of great stuff. Ezra Klein has a favorite video clip that’s one of mine as well- in which Biden completely destroyed Rudy Giuliani while walking to his car. And let’s not forget the “non, verb, 9/11” and the “yes” delivery.

Biden is the one person who might actually be able to deflect criticism appropriately- he’s the only one who, when faced with attacks like “in 2005 you said you’d be thrilled to run with John McCain”, he might actually respond with the equivalent of “well, yeah, that was before I found out John McCain was a fucktard.” Hell, he might even say exactly that. And he’d be right.

McCain has two major weaknesses- he’s incredibly short-tempered, and he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Biden is going to attack both, and he’s going to do it in a way the media will love. He’s everything necessary to be the ying to Obama’s yang. Biden is perceived as flawed while Obama needs to shrug the mocked stigma of being a flawless messiah. Obama is the insightful, visionary newcomer. Biden is the established attack dog. Obama has compassion; Biden has rabies.

Dare I say? …. Fuck Yes!  When I think about what I wanted in a VP candidate, all of those lofty character traits and accomplishments pale in comparison with rabies.

Biden tackling Mukasey:

Biden slamming Cheney:

Obama’s choice is looking wiser and wiser.

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