Why Obama Might Pick Kaine (But Should Pick Biden)

Because he represents a constituency the Senator is drooling over (wikipedia):

Tim Kaine has stated he has a “faith-based opposition to abortion,”[25] but he opposes overturning Roe v. Wade. He supports restrictions on abortion, such as requiring parental consent and banning partial-birth abortions in cases where the mother’s health is not at risk.[26]

In the 2006 Senate election, Kaine supported Democratic Senate candidate Jim Webb.[27] Kaine also opposed an amendment to the Virginia Constitution that would define marriage as that between one man and one woman, though he has publicly stated that he personally opposes same-sex marriage.[28]

Tim Kaine is a religious-in-public politician who sometimes puts civil rights first.  That, however, would not be a terribly safe choice for a Senator who has done a lot lately to alienate the core supporters of Democratic party.  Especially given the governor’s relative lack of experience.

Obama nears his announcement and speculation is really starting to cook.

I think Bayh would be a poor choice for his position on Iran (unless Obama wants to appear hawkish)(wikipedia):

In 2007, Bayh “supported the Kyl-Lieberman amendment that Obama made a key part of his critique of Clinton.”[33][34]

Frankly, of the three politicians being promoted as his most likely picks, I think Joe Biden would be the safest and most hilarious choice.  He’s a centrist who brings experience to the table, and who is likely to complement and reinforce Obama’s positions on National Security, the Economy, and Health Care.

UPDATE: What kos said.  Dammit:

Sure, compared to Bayh and Kaine, Biden looks almost passable, but that’s a low hurdle to pass. I’d rather not have to choose my poison. I’d rather have candy.

Me too.  I’d rather have Richardson or Sebelius.


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  1. Fitness for the Ocassion, you may not have been selected VP, but you have been selected “Kick Ass Blogger”. To receive your “award” click on the following link, and in the Comments section, you can give your acceptance speech. or whatever.

    Yoo-hoo! You won!


  2. Happy? No, not you… how about satisfied?

  3. Bruce,
    Cool beans!

    Why Kate, you know me so well!
    I think satisfaction is the harder emotion to grasp after. I am feeling a mildly happy “meh, he didn’t reaallly screw it up” and an ecstatic “heh, but McCain totally did”.

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