Street Prophets: Theocrat Rod Parsley Attacks Pastor Dan

Anytime somebody like Rod Parsley – whose ordination consists of allegedly having a “sword of anointing” passed on from another revivalist, who lives in sumptuous wealth, whose family all seems to live in sumptuous wealth, who has been sued multiple times and had to settle lawsuits against his own father and teachers at his church, who lives in the pocket of war-mongers and free-market dogmatists, who wants to establish a theocratic government – anytime Rod Parsley wants to compare notes with me on what the penniless itinerant preacher and Prince of Peace Jesus Christ had to say on abortion, I’d be happy to consult with him. Until that time, he can stick his definition of orthodoxy where the sun don’t shine.

Street Prophets :: Faith and Politics.

Wow.  Color me impressed.

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