Will Musharraf Nixon Out?

The party of assasinated leader Bhutto is preparing articles of impeachment against former coup leader President Musharraf:

Speculation has been mounting that former army chief and firm U.S. ally Musharraf would quit after the coalition government, led by the party of assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, said last week it planned to impeach him.

The president’s spokesman has insisted Musharraf would not resign but would face the accusations. He dismissed as malicious reports of the president’s imminent resignation and said they were damaging the economy.

He has a lot to answer for:

A coalition team has finished drafting impeachment charges and handed them to the minister of law for scrutiny, said Ahsan Iqbal, a member of the drafting team.

“There is a long list of charges against him … we will file them, by the latest, by Tuesday,” Iqbal told Reuters.

Seeing impeachment go forward in a country recently controlled with an iron fist, in an era of politics where lawbreaking officials seem above the law, is a sharp silver lining.


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  1. While they’re impeaching him, can they do Bush at the same time?

  2. Answer: He just did. Musharraf has left the building.

  3. I heard. This is great news for Pakistan!

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