First Thoughts on the Edwards Affair

This guy made his committment to his wife the centerpiece of his campaign and his political identity when he was having an affair.  That fucker.

We have a society where any mistake at all is torn wide open and we all watch in bleed on national television.  No wonder no one good wants to run.  Because no one good is perfect.  Stuff like this strikes the throat of empowerment and sends a very clear message to most Americans: You’ll never be good enough to run.

The difference between Edward’s affair and McCain’s divorce is timing and distance.

Speaking of timing, great timing having this come out now.  Thanks John Edwards for hiding in that bathroom from the reporters and letting the convention get closer before coming clean.


4 Responses

  1. I think it also speaks volumes about the priorities of the MSM and the public at large.

  2. The media loves a good sex scandal.

    And we love to consume it.

    Its curious contrasting this with McCain’s past affair, just as it is curious that this stayed out of the press for as long as it did.

  3. It’s not so much that he cheated but had he got the nomination he wouldve lost just based on this. His affair wouldve turned our country over to the neocons for another 4 years.

  4. brian,

    You are completely right.

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