Republican President Set to Strike

Today is the anniversary of the day a Republican President let partisanship cloud his judgement, and ignored the report stating “Bin Laden set to strike”.  The day the myth of Republicans as stewards of national security was shattered with finality.

Since then we’ve seen Democrats lay down or assist a Republican party bent on trading their own power for our security.  From the tragic blunder of Iraq to the wholesale evisceration of our constitutionally protected civil rights, we’ve watched our government become hostile to us.

Take a moment and chalk up the crimes, the blatant violations of the constitution and our trust, that the Bush administration has perpetrated utterly free of any consequences.

Angry yet?  Don’t forget to vote this November.  We need to send the incumbent ideology packing with a stinging welt on its ass.

Graphic by Tengrain of MockPaperScissors, Memory and political attention span beyond a week by Blue Gal.

PS Its two days till the Accountability NOW PAC Moneybomb.


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