PUMA + Smear Campaign

Why are the Democrats eating themselves from the inside with the most vicious sort of lies?  I mean, is this a conspiracy theorist who slapped PUMA/Hillary paraphenalia for effect or affirmation of belief?

Obama’s birth certificate is not fake.  Texas Darlin is.

In any case, this is just sad.  Apparently some people need to fight campaigns with whispers in the trenches.  Texas Darlin, I am calling you out.  Drop your filthy smears and come at us with substance.


2 Responses

  1. And you can prove that these “smears” are false, or do you just wish them so? Legitimate questions are not “smears”. If Mr. Obama was a little more forthcoming about his past perhaps these nagging questions wouldn’t be an issue. If he were to produce all of the documents in question it would put all of these questions to rest, once and for all. He hasn’t done that. Do you see WHY people might be just a little suspicious?

  2. GaryS,
    You faked your birth certificate. You were arrested for assault twice.
    Can you prove that these “smears” are false, or do you just wish them so?

    The fact is, anyone can throw smears up about a candidate. Its easy. And frankly when the *only* people coming forth with these lies are Republican operatives and disgruntled conservative Democrats, yeah, I’m a little less than likely to go digging for proof against an unsubstantiated rumor.

    Our system of justice is founded on proving guilt, not proving innocence.

    And also Gary, I don’t think it is an honest suspicion at play. Its a fake smile, a smarmy bow to social customs when conducting a smear campaign. I think its all about dragging down a candidate with lies when the truth simply won’t cut it.

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