Spies, Journalists and PR

Spy firm recruiting journalists?  Via impeccable sources, but something is off (Majikthise, PRWatch, emphasis mine):

A private intelligence outfit busted for infiltrating Greenpeace is now attempting to recruit journalists, PR Watch reports:

Melissa Sweet, a freelance Australian health journalist, reports that she recently received an email from a staffer with the private intelligence company Hakluyt. In it, she was asked if she would like to become part of a “network of well-placed individuals around the world who are able to provide us, very discreetly, with intelligence on specific commercial or political issues that may arise.”

Right.  Because the best way to recruit someone for a “discreet” intelligence operation is by sending an unsolicited email.  Is it even possible for anyone to be that inept?  Or did Hakluyt choose to get the word out because they desired the natural public reaction it would spur?  Oh, people will cluck their tongues a bit, surely.  But by and large its just another lovely little reminder: “You are being watched”.  This begs the question:  Why bother reinforcing the idea?  Is it simply to stoke a little fear in the press?

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