Lieberman, McCain and End Times Christianism

Lieberman spoke before the group “Christians United for Israel”, a far right group lead by disgraced pastor Hagee, who McCain’s campaign sought belatedly to distance itself from after his disgusting remarks about the Holocaust:

Mr. Hagee’s support for Mr. McCain had been seen as a boon to Mr. McCain’s outreach to evangelical voters until the disclosure of earlier remarks in which Mr. Hagee said, “Hitler and the Nazis were sent by God, to chase Jews back to the land of Israel.”

In the face of opposition from Jewish Peace Group J Street, why did Lieberman buck McCain’s leash and whatever good sense he possesses to go speak?  (Emphasis Mine):

Asserting that Mr. Hagee had worked hard to fight anti-Semitism, Mr. Lieberman said: “I don’t agree with everything Pastor Hagee has said, and I can safely say that the pastor doesn’t agree with everything that I’ve said. But there’s so much more than that that we agree on.

Now thats an interesting statement.  Especially in light of this(emphasis mine):

J Street and its allies note that the vast majority of American Jews support a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians, something Hagee believes God opposes. Hagee believes an end-time narrative that requires Jews to relocate to Israel before Jesus returns and they convert to Christianity.

Is this what Lieberman and Hagee agree on?

It certainly throws Lieberman’s support for the Christian right and his efforts to erase boundaries between Church and State under a new light.  So far the McCain campaign is declining to comment.  They must figure there won’t be enough public awareness and pressure to force them to back off.


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  1. Joe Lieberman, the Zell Miller of this presidential election season. What a d-bag. Any registered Connecticut Dem that voted for this fool should be ashamed. Ned Lamont would have been leading the charge to get us out of Iraq. Instead, this ass clown is going to speak @ the Republican convention. Shame on Connecticut.

  2. Yeah, no kidding. Although on the whole the CT dems pulled together and booted him out of the party. (Then took over his own fake party).

    Next round he’s out, and he knows it.

  3. The man is insane. End of story. And I thought all those depictions of creepy politicians in movies and TV where over the top. How wrong I was!

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